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Salad Veggies


Serving Comment: 1025g                 Servings: 14

Calories/Serving: 352                      PCF Ratio: 19-73-7


ACORN SQUASH, RAW                               400 grams

ARUGULA, RAW                                         100 grams

ASPARAGUS, RAW                                    400 grams

BANANA PEPPER, RAW                            150 grams

BASIL, FRESH                                           300 grams

BEET GREENS, RAW                                200 grams

BEET, RAW                                               400 grams

BROCCOLI, RAW                                       700 grams

BRUSSELS SPROUTS, RAW                     200 grams

BUTTERNUT SQUASH, RAW                     400 grams

CARROT, RAW                                          250 grams

CAULIFLOWER, RAW                                800 grams

CELERIAC, RAW                                        200 grams

CELERY, RAW                                           100 grams

COLLARDS, RAW                                      400 grams

CUCUMBER W/PEEL, RAW                       200 grams

DANDELION GREENS, RAW                      400 grams

EGGPLANT, RAW                                      400 grams

ENDIVE, RAW                                           200 grams

FENNEL BULB, RAW                                 300 grams

GARLIC, RAW                                             75 grams

GINGER ROOT, RAW                                  75 grams

HORSERADISH-TREE PODS, RAW             50 grams

KALE, RAW                                              400 grams

MUSHROOM, RAW                                   250 grams

MUSTARD GREENS, RAW                        400 grams

OKRA, RAW                                             100 grams

ONION, RAW                                            800 grams

ONION, RAW - SCALLIONS                       100 grams

PEPPERMINT LEAF, FRESH                     300 grams

PODDED PEAS, RAW                               150 grams

RADICCHIO, RAW                                     100 grams

RADISH, RAW                                           150 grams

RADISH SEED, SPROUTED, RAW             150 grams

RED CABBAGE, RAW                               500 grams

RED PEPPER, SWEET, RAW                    150 grams

SAVOY CABBAGE, RAW                           400 grams

SERRANO PEPPER, RAW                         150 grams

SNAP BEAN, GREEN, RAW                        75 grams

SNAP BEAN, YELLOW, RAW                      75 grams

SPINACH, RAW                                         400 grams

SUMMER SQUASH, RAW                          200 grams

SWEET POTATO, RAW                              600 grams

SWISS CHARD, RAW                                 400 grams

TOMATILLO, RAW                                      200 grams

TOMATO, RED, RIPE, RAW                        500 grams

TURNIP GREENS, RAW                             400 grams

TURNIP, RAW                                            200 grams

WATERCRESS, RAW                                100 grams

YAMBEAN, (JICAMA), RAW                       300 grams

YELLOW PEPPER, SWEET, RAW             150 grams

ZUCCHINI W/SKIN, RAW                            200 grams



  1. Partially cook asparagus, carrots, acorn squash, sweet potato, grill eggplant

  2. Chop and toss chunky veggies in large container

  3. Chop and toss greens in second large container

  4. Store in vacuum seal canisters (chunky veggies) and rectangular Rubbermaid containers (greens)

  5. Add dry paper towels to containers as desiccant

I eat many more herbs than are included here, including basil, oregano, watercress, dill, mint, rosemary, parsley, and cilantro

I purchase organic produce from local farmers when available, and not more than 50% more expensive than conventional.


  Weekly veggies:

Makes 14350g total (greens + veggies) = 37.0 lbs in two 1190g containers

Total weight of greens in 1190g container: 13.5 lbs = 6140g w/ container = 4950g w/o container =

700g of greens/day

Total weight of chunky veggies in 1190g container: 23.5 lbs = 10645g w/ container = 9455g w/o container = 

1350g of veggies/day

  Daily veggies:

1025g veggies per meal = 350g greens + 675g chunky veggies

1025g x 2 + 454g container = 2500g of salad in big rubbermaid container

1025g / meal + 163g container = 1188g veggies + greens per contain


Recipe Nutrient Analysis:


Single Serving

Total Recipe

Calories (kcal)



Protein (g)



Carbohydrates (g)



Fat (g)



Saturated Fat (g)



Cholesterol (mg)



Sodium (mg)



Total Dietary Fiber (g)