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Below is my supplement regime as of 12/20/05.

bulletLIVD stands for "Low In Vegan Diet". I eat no animal products, and the supplements labeled LIVD are meant to compensate for potential deficiencies resulting from this (mostly ethically-motivated) diet.
bulletThe 4 capsules of the AOR multi-vitamin provides about 50% RDA of most vitamins and minerals.
bulletThe extra zinc is to balance the excess of copper I get in my high-veggie diet, thereby preventing symptoms of zinc deficiency such as dry, cracking skin on my fingers.
bulletThe iron I take once per day, before bed, away from any food to maximize absorption.
bulletNiferex is a prescription form of iron. I suffered from a bout of anemia a while back.
bulletThe other supplements in the "away from meal" list I take together once in the morning upon waking, several hours before breakfast. 
bulletThe 2g of Krill Oil per week contains 480mg of Omega-3 fatty acids (300mg EPA and 180mg DHA). This is equal to about 1/2 serving (1.5oz) of fatty fish. I take it with meals one day per week.
bulletAOR stands for Advanced Orthomolecular Research:
bulletVC stands for Vitacost: 
bulletIn total, this regime costs about $4/day. It remains to be seen whether it is worth it or not...




Level / day units/d units units/60d 
Daily Mealtime Supplements          
  Multi-vitamin AOR - Ortho-Core 4 caps 4 capsules 240
  Bone Health Mix AOR - Ortho-Bone 4 caps 4 capsules 240
  Zinc - (LIVD) Twinlab - 30mg tablets - VC 15mg 1/2 tablet 30
Away from Meal Supplements          
  Iron - prevent anemia + LIVD Niferex 150 - Prescription 150mg (elem) 1 capsule 60
  Strontium - Bone Builder AOR - 227mg capsules 227mg 1 capsule 60
  Carnosine (LIVD) AOR - 500mg capsules 500mg 1 capsule 60
  Acetyl-L-Carnitine (LIVD) Twinlab - 500mg capsules - VC 500mg 1 capsule 60
  R+ Lipoic Acid (balance ALCAR) AOR - 150mg capsules 300mg 2 capsules 120
Once-a-week Mealtime Supplements   Level/week units/wk units units/60d
 Krill Oil  - EPA/DHA - LIVD Source Naturals - 500mg gelcaps - VC 2g 4 gelcaps 32