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Quoting justice Scalia, Kip Werking wrote:

> "I attribute [the reduced resistance to the death penalty in devote

> Christian countries] to the fact that for the believing Christian, death

> is no big deal.

I'll abstain from speaking (much) about the (IMO) shortcomings of the Christian ideology (to say nothing of actual Christian practice) wrt to the relationship between life on earth and what comes afterwards.  But I will note that Christianity is not alone - the same can be said about the other western religions derived from the teachings of Abraham - Judaism and Islam.  To me it is not surprising that reducing pain and suffering on this earth sometimes take a back seat to faith in god and the afterlife (not to mention retribution) by practitioners of these religions, given the story of Abraham and other parables in the old testament.  In these religions, the focus is on serving God.  When one sacrifices, it is to serve God, rather than to reduce the suffering of yourself or others.

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