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To activate a new Subliminator message set:

  1. Follow the "Activate Message Set" procedure on Subliminator's "Settings" menu.

  2. Fill out the form below and hit "Submit".

  3. You will be given the Activation Code for the selected message set.

  4. Enter the Activation Code into Subliminator.

Please provide the following information (all fields required):

First Name  
Last Name  

Credit Card

Cardholder Name       
Card Number  
Expiration Date (e.g. 02/2006)     

Please enter the Message Set ID# provided by Subliminator:

Message Set ID#  (e.g. 04-12345)   


When you hit "Submit" you will be charged $9.95.

You will be given the Activation Code to enable your chosen Subliminator message set.

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