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 Khurram Hashmi's Support Page

Khurram Hashmi, a dedicated member of the CR Society who has contributed in countless ways to making the Society a success, is in dire and immediate need of our help.  His family immigrated to the US from Pakistan nearly 30 years ago, when Khurram was just a child.  He and his family have been working doggedly ever since trying to obtain legal status in the US, and in the meantime they have been law-abiding, contributing members of US society, and in Khurram's case, the CR Society.

Now, because of his country of origin, Khurram and his family are in grave danger of being jailed and/or deported by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).  If deported back to Pakistan, Khurram and his family face terrible hardship and in all likelihood, persecution.  Khurram has lived in the US virtually all his life, and would be thrust into a society where he knows neither the language nor the culture.

What Khurram needs most within the next few days are messages of support from friends and acquaintances who have been touched by his kindness and generosity.

These messages of support will not only be sent to Khurram himself, but more importantly, they will be sent to the appropriate people at the INS and Khurram's Congressional representatives, who have the power to influence the outcome of Khurram's naturalization case.  By demonstrating what a tremendous benefit Khurram's presence has brought to people of the US, we hope to convince the "powers that be" to allow Khurram to stay in this country.

Please, think back to all the great things Khurram has done for your personally or for the CR Society in general.  Recall that he single-handedly organized, administered and analyzed one of the first polls of CR practitioners, helping us better understand who we are, and in the process, drawing us all closer together.  Since then both behind the scenes and on the CR email list, Khurram's efforts have been invaluable.  His insights and dedication to CR and his on-list willingness to help other CR practitioners have made a difference in countless CRonies lives, including my own. What some may not realize is that Khurram has also been the lead developer of the CR Society's new web site, with all the tremendous resources it provides.  He has done all this, while also pursuing an education, working full-time (at night), and fighting his legal battle to remain in the US.

Khurram would never think to enlist the assistance of his friends in the CR Society in his struggle - he wouldn't want to impose, or be seen to exploit the goodwill of other CRonies.  But right now, Khurram needs our help.  Won't you please do what you can to help him in his time of need, by writing a message of support for him.  In addition, after submitting your message of support, you'll be given the option to donate to help defray the legal expenses Khurram has incurred during his struggle to gain legal status in the US.

Thanks so much for your message of support, and have a great day!

Dean Pomerleau

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