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       Update on Khurram's Status and Support Effort


Below is a very happy and hopeful message from Khurram.  His INS registration went very well.  Hopefully the momentum will continue, for both him and his family!

Dean Pomerleau

Hello everyone!

The meeting in Cleveland today went well. The INS officer seemed very 
sympathetic towards my case (hopefully, my father will get the same 
officer when he goes in next week).

There is still the matter of getting the green card; the possibility for 
that, now, *seems* much more hopeful. I should have the work permit 
shortly. As a matter of fact, because the INS has procrastinated in 
issuing that, my atty will be filing a "harassment form" to expedite the 
process. I will keep you up-to-date on events.

My sincerest gratitude to each and everyone of you for your warm support 
and powerful letter-writing effort. You have my deepest respect. Indeed, 
I owe you my freedom!

-Khurram Hashmi


I sent the positive official comments of support (available as public comments) for Khurram to the US representative from his home district, and his two US senators.  Thanks so much for everyone who has contributed to this effort.

Tomorrow Khurram is going to due his duty, and officially register as a former Pakistani with the INS.  He has promised to let me know as soon as possible what if any outcome results from this registration.  There is a slight chance he will be immediately detained, but he has made provisions for bail in that event.  There is more significant chance that the INS will begin deportation proceedings shortly after he and his family register.  If that occurs, Khurram has promised to me know, along with what we may do to help.

Check back here for more information as this saga unfolds.  As always Khurram, your thoughts and hopes are with you.


Dean Pomerleau



Khurram is extremely grateful for all the support he has received from CR Society members in response to the call for support.  His personal message of thanks in response to all the public comments people have made on his behalf is provided below.

On a related note, Khurram is also very grateful for the monetary contributions people have made via the support page.  But fortunately, he is doing ok financially at the moment and needs words of support (and particularly political influence, if any) from CRonies, much more than dollars.  I take full responsibility for overzealously seeking out financial support to help pay Khurram's legal bills, without realizing he isn't in strong financial need.  Fortunately, it is easy to refund donations via the Amazon honor system used to collect the donations, and as of now I've refunded the money of everyone who has donated.

As Khurram does below, I too would like to thank all the CRonies who have contributed to this support effort.  And it isn't too late to lend a hand.  I'm not planning to send the compendium of positive messages to the people who have influence over the outcome of Khurram's case until Monday (Feb. 10th) - so if you wish to provide comments via the support page before then, I'll be happy to include them.

And again, our hopes and best wishes go out to you Khurram.  I promise to update this page again once we hear more from you on how things are proceeding.


Dean Pomerleau

Message from Khurram:

Dear CRONies,

The support you have shown to my crisis has been truly overwhelming. Indeed, the solidarity expressed by CRONies is every bit as genuine as my 30-year social network of non-CR friends and family in the US. I am extraordinarily moved by your kind words.

I would also like to say that Hank Thomas' cautionary note is completely justified. Most of you really don't know me beyond the 2-D interactions on the mailing list or the web site. Over the years, I have tried to divulge some info about myself: in the 2000 poll, on my site, in my posts, and the Member Profile on the main site. (Over the past few years, I wish I could have given more time to our unprecedented cause; missing the first CR Conf was tragic! But, I simply could not due to job demands (see below *).) Nevertheless, we must note Hank's cautions. A well-crafted disguise is a very dangerous tool. All I can say is that if you are skeptical -- and you have every right to be -- contact those on this list, like Dean, who have known me for an extended time. In addition, if you email me privately, I can provide you with my attorney's contact info and a photocopies of support letters, including those from former senator (astronaut) John Glenn and congressman Del Latta. I also have a "long-story" PDF, which details the chronology of events regarding this case. It's detailed and complicated but I will be more than happy to forward it to you for inspection.

I would like to stress that the CR Society's mission is Calorie Restriction, not personal agenda -- no matter how desperate the cause. This is why Dean appropriately titled his message to the main List "OFF TOPIC." I do not want to detract you from this mission. Regardless of what happens, I will always remain CRed, and in contact with Society.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and warm support. You all an amazing and dynamic group of people -- it must be

part of CR's magic!

Be Well All!


* The main reason for my lack of participation + missing the 1st CR Conf is my work schedule: My in-limbo immigration status has kept me from obtaining a work permit so that I can move on from my nightmarish job. Indeed, one of the reasons I started CR -- and will practice it in the extreme for the remainder of my days -- is due to the longevity damaging conditions/effects of my job: a mandatory night (3rd shift) schedule, nearly 7-days/wk. If that weren't enough, there exist environmental conditions within the plant I work at that would make an anti-aging nut freak out: H202 fumes and caustic and acid vapors pollute the air. It started as a programming job; it turned into heavy-duty, mechanical maintenance. For seven years, I have endured this ... waiting for the INS to make a decision.